Sleeping Position After Buttock and Breast Augmentation?

What position do doctors recommend patients sleep in if they get buttock augmentation and breast implants done at the same time?

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Follow your plastic surgeon's instructions

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This will depend upon a number of factors and only your plastic surgeon can give you the proper instructions. Your post-op breast instructions depend on the placement of the implant above or below the muscle, type and size of implant, etc. I tell my breast augment patients I want them up walking the afternoon of surgery. The instructions for buttock augmentation depend on the technique used. Discuss these concerns with your plastic surgeon at your pre-op appointment.

Dr Edwards

Buttock augmentation with breast implants not recommended

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Thank you for your quesiton.

It is not recommended having a butt augmentation and breast implants at the same time. It is ideal to have the patient lay on their stomach for two to three weeks after butt augmentation surgery as to not put any pressure on the butt. Sitting is allowed, but not for long periods of time. As for breast augmentation surgery, it is best to rest on your back to not put any pressure on your breasts for at least two weeks or when you feel comfortable.

If you find a plastic surgeon that is comfortable with doing both procedures at the same time, make sure you address this question as well as any other concerns you may have in your pre-op visit. Your surgeon should be able to give you the best advice.

Sam Speron, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

I don't recommend brazilian butt lift and breast augmentation at the same time

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I do a significant number of buttock fat augmentation or Brazilian butt lifts. This requires harvesting of fat from the whole midsection and sometimes from the thighs as well depending on the size of the patient. I have my patients sleep on their "stomach" for 10-12 days, no sitting for that time either except for using the bathroom.

It is important not to crush the freshly transplanted fat which needs to be vascularized by the surounding tissues before it can withstand the increased pressure of sitting or lying on your back for prolonged time. With breast augmentation I have my patients in a recliner for vthe first few days and this position places excessive pressure on the buttock area. I do these surgeries separated by about 4-6 weeks.

Brazilian Butt Lift with breast procedures

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I do a lot of Brazilian Butt lifts, and several of them are in combination with Tummy tuck, but have shied away from combining it with any breast procedures.

The reason is that each procedure demands postoperative positioning that are contradictory for optimal results.

For breast procedures, whether it be a lift or augmentation, I don't want pressure on the breasts, so the patient is encouraged to sit on her back. For the brazilian Butt Lift, the main objective is to preserve the fat grafts, so you don't want ANY pressure on the buttocks. The patient is encouraged to sleep on her stomach or sides, and not to sit at all for 3 weeks.

Finally, I have found that in cases of Brazilian butt lift where I lipo a lot of areas for fat donor sites, the breasts do increase in size over the next few months, therefore I like to wait a few months, until the patient stabilizes in weight before making a decision on size of breast implant.

Hope this helps.

I don't recommend buttock augmentation with implants.

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Hi.  To answer your question, you would sleep on your back.

  But be very careful about buttock augmentation.  I have seen bad problems.  If it is done with fat injections by an experienced surgeon, it can be safe.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Postoperative restrictions after simultaneous breast and buttock augmentation

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This varies tremendously on the surgeon and the technique.

Some surgeons use the so called "Rapid Recovery" regimen following breast augmentation touted by Dr. Tebbets in which some patients are even encouraged to sleep on their stomach. However, this is not widely encouraged by most plastic surgeons. Furthermore, patients are frequently reluctant to do so even if instructed to do it.

In regards to the buttocks, it also depends on implant versus lipoinjection techniques.

It would be best to find a surgeon who is willing to perform simultaneously and ask for their advice and recommendations.

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