Does Skintyte Work on Jowls?

I realize that Skintyte it won't be surgery, as surgery does not always look natural. I am 54, and have noticed much more jowling in the last 2 years. Will Skintyte help?

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Hard to tell without photos or exam

Skintyte is in a class of long pulse width intense pulsed light devices (IPL/BBL) that cause skin tightening through a thermal or heating mechanism. All of these devices as well as radiofrequency devices cause some tightening but hard to tell who will be good responder or not. Other factors that play a role in jowl formation besides skin elasticity are the amount of fat in the jowl and underlying bone structure. Bottom line -- you may get some tightening but may not be enough to satisfy you. You may need liposuction or a facelift to get best results.

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