What Procedure Will Tighten Sagging Skin on my Legs?

I have skin that is beginning to hang on my legs. I am 68, very athletic and in pretty good shape. My dermatologist said that I would be a very good candidate to have this skin tucked up. She said that it would not be very invasive. I would like the name of the procedure that would be necessary to restore the sagging skin on my legs and some idea as to how I go about having this procedure done. Thanks, Monica

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Thigh and lower body lifts

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Unfortunately, your dermatologist is incorrect in stating that some sort of thigh or lower body lifting surgery isn't "very invasive." They also produce some significant scars and are usually reserved for the patient who has had massive weight loss. While you could certainly inquire with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who does these procedures, and I have personally done one for a very thin patient over age 70, they are rarely done at age 68.

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