What Does the Skin Look Like from Fraxel Years Later?

Will my skin age normally after Fraxel? Will it have a different look or feel in the years to come? Does Fraxel affect the tightness of the skin? Will the skin loose elasticity more rapidly after a Fraxel procedure?

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Fraxel and long-term effects

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The Fraxel repair system removes a significant portion of the top sun-damaged layer of the skin causing an improvement in skin texture, a reduction in the number of sun freckles, and improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  In response to the laser treatment, the skin produces new collagen which produces some tissue tightening.  If the patient continues to aggressively sun-protect the skin and adopts a good skin care regimen, the results of the procedure should last for several years.  As we age, we make less collagen.  Anything we can do to increase our own natural collagen production will slow down the aging process.  Think of this as resetting the aging clock!

Dallas Dermatologic Surgeon

Appearance of skin long-term after Fraxel

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Yes, your skin should age normally after Fraxel.  Unfortunately, we can't stop the aging process, but we can ablate, or remove, some of the signs of aging very well with the Fraxel.  We were one of the first practices with the original Fraxel back in early 2004, and we have had great success with men and women maintaining the youthful look of their skin after Fraxel treatments for over 7 years now.  We have not seen skin age quicker or lose elasticity prematurely after Fraxel treatment.  What we DO see that with is smokers!

Fraxel will rejuvenate the skin

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You asked a lot of questions so I will try to simplify them.

Fraxel damages the skin in a very controlled manner so that the wound repair mechanisms are turned on and then remodel the entirety of the skin.

It may turn back the clock a little, but your skin will then move forward through time normally.

It may have a better, more youthful look, but as long as you had a safe, successful procedure, you should not have any negative long-term appearance problems with your skin.

Fraxel will not affect tightness although many people advertise that it will tighten.

Your skin will not lose elasticity more rapidly, but may in fact have some improved elasticity.

Daniel I. Wasserman, MD
Naples Dermatologic Surgeon

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