Recovery/Healing Time for Gingivectomy before 14hr Flight?

I would be getting gingivectomy few days before flying off to the Europe which takes approx. 14 hours. What is the minimum amount of time required for healing/recovery to take place before I can fly? And, would there be any complications that may arise on board a long flight? Thank you!

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Gummy Smile Surgery

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Hi, and thank you for your question. Initial gum tissue healing should take 3 to 7 days with a healthy adult. You should be able to fly soon thereafter. Good luck!

Should be fine if no bone removal was involved

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If it is a simple gingivectomy without involving any bone re-contouring, recovery is relatively quick without any pain.  I have performed this on many adults as well as teenagers several weeks following orthodontic therapy where the brackets and wires caused hypertrophy (excess growth) of their gum tissue.  Everyone has reported going back to work or school the following day without any discomfort.
If bony re-contouring was done, I would wait until after your one-week post-op check before travelling.

Douglas Jopling, DDS
Dallas, TX area

You should be fine

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The healing/recovery time for a gingivectomy is about 2 days  so you shouldn't have any complications on your flight. You may have a tough time with the pain, so make sure to take the pain meds & antibiotics your doctor has prescribed. 

Healing Time After Gum Recontouring

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If it is being performed with a laser, then you will be fine the next day.  If the procedure is being done surgically, you can be sore for a week or so.  Ask your doctor about when they feel comfortable with you flying.  Good luck.  

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