A person Have to Shave for Work. If the Scabby Dots Come off when they Shave Will This Be Bad?

If a person shave & peel off those dots by force - will it take longer to cure the burning from the treatment or the actual acne scar. If it takes more time to cure the burning from treatment, they can go for it. But if it takes longer to cure the acne scars, then they will have to think about it. And also,  how much longer is it gonna take to cure the burning or acne scar if it comes off by force.

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Marks after eMatrix

The marks should only be apparent for a day or so after the treatment. So if you don't want to have anything on your face, I'd recommend you do the treatment on a Friday and you'll be fine by Monday. It's not actually "burning" that leaves the dots, but removal of the actual skin layers, so it's more of an ablation. We have done the treatment on many men and not had any problems with them shaving the next day or two after the treatment and causing any increase to the healing time. Plus, they all still had good results! So I think you'll be just fine.  

Can you shave after eMatrix ?

Thank you for your question, as it guides men in the expectations and post procedure care following eMatrix.

Sublative skin treatments will look like these dots and it is perfectly OK to shave 2 days later. You won't do any harm to the skin or make the eMatrix procedure outcome less effective.

We perform eMatrix in our Williamsville, NY office. 

Dr. Karamanoukian

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