Sharp Pain in Breast 5 Weeks Post-op

Circumareolar incision; silicon implants; 5 wks post-op; sharp pain (like glass inside!) in breast upon touching 2 or 3 localized areas in close proximity; following massage during which I was on table, face down. Possible causes...?? Pain is extremely sharp, not always easily locatable; seems to move; dull, residual ache after touch -- like stepping on glass and pulling it out. Is this my own breast tissue? Internal stitches, maybe? Possible I've punctured the implant?? Many thanks.

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Sharp pain 5 weeks after breast augmentation

Most likely the sharp pains you are experiencing are due to recovering nerves (dysesthesias) and descent of the implant in the breast pocket.

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Implant pain

I am sorry that you have are having pain. It could be related to lying on them while getting massaged this early post-op, but it may not. I suggest seeing your surgeon just to be  safe.

Steven Wallach, MD
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