Sexual Feeling Altered for the Worse After a Breast Reduction

I had a BRD in the summer of 1983. Not only have I lost any sensitivity to the area, I have lost the physical sexual feelings I had had prior to surgery. It is not just in my "head", sex just feels different, not as intense.

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Breast reduction and sex

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Sometimes with breast reduction, the sensitivity of the skin and nipple changes after the procedure.  This may be permanent. 

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Breast reduction, nipple sensitivity and sexual response.

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Performing a breast reduction requires resection of breast tissue which may incorporate sensory nerves that relay sensation from the nipples to the sexual arousal portions of your brain. IF this is truly one of your most intimate erogenous zones, a breast reduction could result in an altered sexual response.

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Sexual feeling altered for the worse after a breast reduction

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Very unusual question. From 1983 you have this issue without seeking any advise or help? First seek an opinion from a Plastic Surgeon, your GYN doctor, and even a psychiatrist.

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