Is Vanquish painful? Are there any side effects?

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Vanquish is a pain free procedure that uses radiofrequency to get rid of fat cells in the body. It is FDA approved and has been shown very effective in my office. There are no "side effects". There are however contraindications to having the procedure done. The physician should discuss these with you. Hope this helps.

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Virtually Pain-free Vanquish Treatments

VANQUISH treatments  are unique in that the device  suspends above the body to treat the desired area. This non-invasive procedure make a virtually pain-free experience !

There is virtually no recovery time from the procedure, although we find it helpful to maintain proper hydration and a healthy diet to assure weight stability.

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Pain-Free Fat Reduction with Vanquish

VANQUISH treatments are a one-of-a-kind method to permanently reduce fat by effectively heating and killing selective fat cells The procedure is unique in the way the heat is delivered-- suspended above the body to treat the area for desirable contouring. This non-invasive procedure makes a pleasant, pain-free treatment that effectively shapes the body and tightens the skin with its radio frequency energy.

There is virtually no recovery time from the procedure, although we find it helpful to maintain proper hydration and a healthy diet to assure weight stability.

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Vanquish is not painful

Vanquish is not painful
Vanquish combined with the Z wave gives the best non-painful, non-invasive fat reduction results available. If the Vanquish treatments are getting “too hot” or you are getting “hot spots”, there are a few things the technician can make it comfortable and still get you a good treatment.In our experience, positioning and sweat are the problems.An experienced technician should be able to position you in a way that the most fat can be exposed while boney areas such as the “hip bones” are not under direct exposure.Also we use an oscillating fan to keep the area under the Vanquish dry, not cool.This prevents any “hot spots” during the treatment.The amount of energy can be adjusted to make you comfortable while still maintaining a sufficient energy supply to deliver good results.

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Does Vanquish hurt?

Vanquish heats fat under the skin at a specific depth and causes it to die, all without ever touching the skin. You are lying down during Vanquish treatments and will generally feel very warm. Every so often you may feel hot or have a burning sensation, which happens when your skin gets moist from sweat in a specific spot. We monitor you and dry your skin at regular intervals. After a session, your skin may feel swollen or tender in spots, but this resolves.

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Vanquish Fat Reduction Side Effects

Most patients describe the feeling during a Vanquish procedure as a warm, perhaps tingling, sensation like a heating balnket. The Vanquish system does not touch the patient’s skin and is not usually describes as painful. The most common side effects are redness and warmth in the treatment area, but this diminishes quickly.

Mitchel P. Goldman, MD
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Vanquish is a Pain Free means to noninvasive fat reduction

Vanquish is NOT painful - it has no downtime. Treatment consists of 4-6 sessions weekly, each lasting 30 minutes.

Treatment feels like a warm sensation, almost like being under a heated blanket.

Side effects can occur with any treatment. Side effects with Vanquish are rare and mild in nature. Most patients have warm, pink skin in the are of treatment for minutes to several hours after treatment. The most serious side effect is a skin burn, which can result if there is a hot spot from surface perspiration on the skin. This is easily avoided by proper patient monitoring. Occasionally, patients can feel slightly relaxed after treatment.

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Vanquish is pain free fat reduction

Vanquish is actually a rather relaxing procedure as you lay under the treatment arm and the radiofrequency energy selectively heats your fat - not your skin or muscle. Side effects are rare. You can get a small superficial burn of the skin if the skin gets moist and heats too much and you can sometimes get small areas of inflammation where the fat was heated - this will feel like a swollen area under the skin that is firm and may be tender. These side effects are very rare. For the most part, you get your 30 minute, painless, relaxing treatment and go on with life with no interruptions!

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