ThermiVa: How Does it Work?

Please explain the science behind ThermiVa, what makes this an effective treatment?

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How ThermiVa Works

ThermiVa safely transfers heat via radiofrequency to affected tissues, in this case being the external and internal vaginal tissues. It does no damage to the skin as the heat is directed to deeper tissue layer. Radiofrequency treatments have long been used for muscle and tissue healing by promoting new collagen production which leads to softer, tighter tissues.  It can also be used for facial skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.

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ThermiVa How does it work ?

In the right candidate: female with multiple pregnancies stretching the vaginal wall; or those with excess external labia or labial laxity can benefit from ThermiVA. ThermiVA works in a similar manner to other areas of the body whereby Radio Frequency energy heats up the tissue in order to get both immediate tightening and long term buildup of collagen.This process-over 3 treatments brings successful improvement to these areas. It requires no anesthesia; is performed in the office and takes about 30 minutes.

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Technology for tightening up

ThermiVa tightens the skin and tissues of the internal and external vaginal area.Treatments can help with the following issues that many women face.  

  • Stress urinary incontinence (including stopping leakage from coughing, sneezing and exercising)
  • Orgasmic dysfunction
  • Laxity of the vaginal tissues, including the muscles and outer skin
  • Atrophic vaginitis or Vaginal atrophy (vaginal dryness and inflammation of the vagina and outer urinary tract caused by lack of estrogen)
  • Post-menopause issues, including dryness and painful intercourse

Thermiva applications use radiofrequency energy to gently heat tissue. The ThermiVa electrode is designed for applications including all aspects of the vaginal anatomy.  This helps to tighten up things down there and  build up collagen, providing satisfaction to you and your partner.  My patients have been very satisfied with their results from as little as 2-3 treatments.  Find a reputable practitioner and office that specializes in the procedure itself.  :)  

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Please explain the science behind ThermiVa, what makes this an effective treatment?

Thermi is a radiofrequency energy which delivers heat to skin and soft tissue to cause secondary tightening.

It's effective in vaginal rejuvenation of both external and internal tissues and can also assist in patients affected by minor urinary stress incontinence.

Initially 3 -4 treatments are recommended with subsequent yearly single treatments.

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ThermiVA works by heating and thickening tissue

ThermiVA is a radio frequency device that heats tissues up (whether that's the external labia or internal vaginal tissues), tightening them up a bit, increases blood flow and ultimately thickens tissues by promoting collagen growth. 

The immediate heating tightens and helps you feel - well, tighter.  that means that it can help shrink external labia tissues making them a bit smaller. And it can help your vaginal tissues feel tighter just the same

The increase in blood flow helps to improve lubrication which may be anproblem for some after menopause, and frequently before as well. This can also help in producing more fluid during intimate situations and marking them feel better

Long term the collagen build up helps to thicken the tissues of the vagina that may have thinned out over the years producing more volume for these tissues. 

Different parts of each of these effects have also been noted to help 

1. Reduce mild bladder leakage that is common as we age - most women we treat see differences after even the fist treatment.

2. Increase sensitivity during intimacy possibly from Improve the overall tone of the vagina muscles or tissues or increased lubrication (depending upon your situation)

The procedure only takes about 30 minutes per session. A full treatment requires 3 sessions about a month apart. Best part is that it's completely comfortable and only feels like a warm massage. The even better part is that you'll probably notice changes and improvement after even just the first session!

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How Does the ThermiVa Work

ThermiVa works by delivering radiofrequency (thermal energy) via a small probe to both the internal vaginal canal and the external labia. The tissue is heated to specific temperatures, encouraging the growth of new collagen, increased blood flow and improved nerve supply. ThermiVa is FDA approved for skin tightening, however, patients also report increased sensation, moisture and improvement in symptoms of stress urinary incontinence.

The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes and requires NO downtime. The typical protocol for ThermiVa treatments is 3 treatments, spaced 4 weeks apart. I tell my patients that many women see improvement in vaginal tightening after the first treatment, but that optimal results will be observed 3 months after the third treatment.


How does Thermiva work?

Sometimes a woman can experience dryness, trouble reaching orgasm, occasional leaking and looseness since giving childbirth. Thermiva is a painless, safe, non-surgical, no downtime treatment for the above issues. It is radio-frequency heat delivered deeply into the tissues internally and externally. Heating of the skin promotes three (3) different kinds of effect: 1) Immediate contraction of collagen; 2) Immediate collagen remodeling and elasticity and 3) long-term stimulation of production of new collagen. These effects on collagen, tightens the tissues, thus helping with the looseness and leaking.  Thermiva also increases blood flow and restores nerve signaling resulting in normal vaginal lubrication and increase sensitivity. In my opinion, Thermiva acts like a sling, estrogen and viagra.

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How it works: ThermiVA

Radiofrequency energy is a fantastic option for rejuvenation.  ThermiVA uses a gentle, ergonomically designed applicator that allows the energy to penetrate uniformly though the tissues to heat and tighten the collagen as well as stimulate the nerves and glands to restore themselves.  A temperature monitor on the hand piece allows precise control of the temperature so that optimal heating is achieved and maintained to ensure consistent results.  Constant motion is required which also helps with comfort.  This is an extremely well tolerated non-surgical, no down time treatment.

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ThermiVa Uses Radiofrequency Heat to Induce Collagen Formation and Possibly Increase Blood Flow and Pelvic Muscle Strength

Collagen is the major protein in connective tissue and helps tissue withstand stretching.  In other words, it maintains the firmness of the tissue.  As we age, collagen production declines and environmental factors such as hormones and childbirth and cause an increase in collagen breakdown.  ThermiVa uses radiofrequency energy to heat tissue, inducing collagen coiling in existing collagen and promoting long term collagen formation at a rate higher than the existing production.  The result is a tightening and toning of the vagina and external labial tissues.  There is also possibly an increase in blood supply to the area and an increase in pelvic muscle strength, which would account for the improvement in sexual function patients are seeing.

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Effective nonsurgical vaginal and perineal tightening by radiofrequency heating- ThermiVa

Thermiva causes nonsurgical vaginal and perineal skin and internal vaginal canal tightening by radiofrequency heating.  This gentle, comfortable, no-down-time treatment is typically completed with a series of three monthly 30 minute sessions.  New collagen is generated beneath the skin which lifts, tones, and tightens the vaginal canal and external skin.  This has the positive effects of decreasing urinary leakage with coughing, laughing or during sex, improving sensation and may improve orgasm, improving blood supply to the area and also improving vaginal lubrication.  All women after childbirth or with menopause benefit by restoring youthful vaginal function.  The results can significantly enhance your sex life.  ThermiVa is only available in the Albany, Upstate NY, Capital District region at Saratoga Springs Plastic Surgery, PC.  

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