Can Isolaz work for Adult hormonal acne?

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Adult Hormonal Acne

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Isolaz treatment is a light based device that will kill the excess bacteria in the skin and help with your redness and inflammation from acne.

If you feel like your acne is hormonal then that is being affected by the testosterone production. Isolaz will improve your active acne but does not affect your testosterone production.

In my office I recommend treatment with Isolaz along with medication like birth control or Aldactone. Birth control will help regulate your hormones and aldactone is a diuretic that works by blocking the actions of aldosterone. Both of these medications will help improve break outs.

The combination of Isolaz and medications will help clear your skin quickly to minimize to possibility of scaring and also help reduce future breakouts.

If you wanted prescriptions for the above mentioned medications, it is best to see a Board Certified Gynecologist. They can also perform additional testing to see if there are any cysts in the ovaries that may also be causing acne.

Consult with a Board Certified Dermatologist to see if Isolaz is an appropriate option for you acne.

For more information on Isolaz click link below:

Adult Acne

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Yes. We have many women who come in for an Isolaz treatment before their monthly cycle to help keep hormonal breakouts to a minimum. 

Isolaz adult acne

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Yes, Isolaz is excellent for treating all types of acne. The combination of intense pulse light and a vacume help to treat the bacteria and stimulate collagen to heals the marks. Isolaz needs to be used in conjunction with acne therapy--i.e. retinoids, glycolic acids, benzoyl peroxide, aldactone, possible birth control. 

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