Seat Veneers Below Gumline or Just Above It?

I had veneers on front teeth permanently cemented. When I got home, I noticed the top of the veneers were not completely hidden below the gumline. A very tiny amount of natural teeth were still exposed. It took a keen eye to see it. I asked the dentist and he said not to have them below the gumline because it can cause gums to recede, bacteria and the way it is is easier to clean. I am concerned if not completely hidden it could cause decay? Is this acceptable or should veneers be below gums?

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Veneer finish line above or below gum

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It depends on a lot of difference scenarios.  If you have a very dark tooth you would need to prepare below the tissue to hide all of the color.  If you have a normal color tooth than in most cases we would prepare right to the gumline.  Preparing below the come can cause some gum recession if not taken well care of. 

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Veneers & Gumline

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Hiding the edge below the gumline would not reduce your chance of decay, so I wouldn't worry about that.

Preparing the teeth at the gumline is pretty standard.  The problem Dr. Tau talked about is the body's natural reaction to something foreign, and if we come too close to the root attachment, the gum will recede unevenly.  Imagine your gum being much higher on that tooth than the others, exposing the margin of the veneer anyway - I doubt you would prefer this.

Justin Mund, DDS
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