Does Sculptra Last for a Shorter Period of Time for People with a High Metabolism?

I am 51 and struggle to keep my weight up. I have had a high metabolism all my life. Will Sculptra results wear off more quickly for me?

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How Long Does Sculptra Last?

Thank you for your question. Sculptra does vary with individuals, but we consistently see it last for 24-25 months, and rarely shorter times. I hope this helps.

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Will Sculptra wear off quicker if you have a high metabolism?

In general, ones overall metabolism will not necessarily cause the product to wear off quicker. However, some individuals may have a tendency to metabolize product quicker.
With Sculptra, the best results are obtained when:

1) Multiple treatments are performed, spaced around 4 weeks apart.
2) You receive the treatments from a skilled and experienced physician.

I would recommend doing your homework and choosing a qualified physician to perform your treatment. Look for board certification, good credentials, and fellowship training. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck.

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Does a Higher Metabolism decrease my Sculptra result?


Great Question!  Sculptra is made of poly lactic acid which stimulates your own body to create collagen.  The manufacturer recommends three treatments spaced one month apart to achieve the FDA approved duration of 25 months or more.  The key variable is how many vials do you need per treatment.  This is best assessed by an experienced plastic surgeon or dermatologist.  The rule of thumb is the number of vials is 1 vial for every ten years of your life.  However, keep in mind that every person has very different facial structure and you need to tailor the treatment to what you actually need.



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I would recommend that you see a board certified facial plastic surgeon for an evaluation.  It will be necessary to have a series of treatments.  

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Sculptra ...

Sculptra is a long lasting volumizer.  You will more than likely need several treatments depending on your need of filling.  Please be sure to go to an experience injector.


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