Already Used Sculptra. Can I Use Another Filler in Same Area?

I have had sculptra treatment in my cheeks to counter volume loss (mid face creases) after a succesful diet, but can I now have restylane subq or radiesse for further definition at the point at which my cheekbone is meant to be most prominent, or do I just have to stick with the sculptra, in essence are there any contraindications in terms of layering fillers?

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Sculptra with other Fillers

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You are definitely able to use fillers in combination.  In fact to achieve optimal result for certain patients, it is sometimes necessary to layer products.  I would recommend you consulting the physician who performed the initial Sculptra injection for an evaluation.  They can help assess which filler will be best for the areas you now want to correct and if Sculptra is the optimal "filler" you will be in the hands of a trained injector.

Annapolis Dermatologist

Sculptra combined with other Fillers

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I often combine Sculptra with other fillers.  Restylane or Juvederm may give you an immediate lift in a given area.  Sculptra is more gradual and needs several treatments at least a month apart but will last up to two years.  I love to combine different injectables for the best cosmetic results.  Often I use a little Boletero around the lip lines and under the eyes since these fine lines need correction as well.  Please let me know how your results last.

Combination fillers

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You absolutely can get different fillers in different areas. The undereye region is my favorite place to inject Belotero. Its just smooth enough to raise the tear troughs and make the skin look brighter. We don't use Sculptra or Radiesse nor Voluma in this area. When you  are ready to invest in your appearance with fillers, you can see some amazing results with the right products applied in the right places.

Beverly Johnson, MD
Silver Spring Dermatologic Surgeon

Combining Fillers

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It is not a problem to combine fillers.  Sculptra is the longest lasting, but results are gradual  in onset.  If  you desire immediate correction you could use either,  Hyaluronic acid fillers or Radiesse. The Radiesse will give you greater longevity then the Hyaluronic acid fillers.

Filler in same area as sculptra...

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If you have had sculptra, it is not uncommon to have a filler injected into the same area.  Fillers such as Juvederm and Radiesse can be used in different places and layers to further enhance areas such as the cheeks or nasolabial folds.   A consultation with your surgeon would be your best option and he/she will be able to help you decide.  

No problem with layering

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I often have patients that want something for long term, like sculptra, but need a quick fix for a reunion or special event. I will use HA filler or Radiesse and later use sculptra. I have also mixed in oppossite direction. Have noted no problems. 

Layering Fillers

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You can layer a variety of fillers but the appropriate question is which filler is most appropriate. Sculptra provides a good deep volume and other fillers that can be used more superficially in wrinkles can be used on top of it.  Discuss with your surgeon what your goals are and this can help achieve a very successful treatment plan.

Sculptra can be used with hyaluronic acid fillers

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Each dermal filler has unique properties and benefits.  There is no contraindication for using two fillers together.  Usually the biostimulatory filler is placed deeper than hyaluronic acid fillers.

I would suggest that if you already have one biostimulatory filler like Sculptra, the more superficial injections in the same place be done with a hyaluronic acid filler.

If you are having injections in a different area of your face then either Radiesse (provided it is not a place of high mobility) or hyaluronic acid fillers can be used.

Emily Altman, MD
Short Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

Using Other Fillers with Sculptra

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Yes, I frequently use other fillers at the same time as Sculptra. I will often use Radiesse in the mid face for its quicker results and then begin multiple Sculptra treatments for it's gradual onset and greater longevity. I also believe certain areas of the face do better with each product. You can follow the link below to see my wife's before and four years after pictures showing both Sculptra and Radiesse treatments that I have been doing.

Each type of filler has optimal results in different areas

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If you had a good result from Sculptra which is our best filler for patients in the cheeks after weight reduction, you would probably do best by continuing with Sculptra.

However we regularly use multiple fillers in what we call the "Combi" approach, but each is selected for a specific area. i.e. Juvederm for the lips, Restylane for the tear troughs etc.


Dr. Mayl

Fort Lauderdale

Nathan Mayl, MD (retired)
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

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