Why Does Scar Tissue Form 2 Years After a Successful Sinus Surgery?

sinus surgery 2 1/2 years ago - significantly reduced frequency of sinus infections/bronchitis. I have had three sinus infections since Sept with the most recent for 5 weeks despite daily sinus washes, decongestant and qnasal. Last week an ENT said some scar tissue formed at the opening of the sinuses. I had a ct scan today and will see the ENT next week again to discuss possible surgery. Why would scar tissue form after 2 1/2 years. Will more scar tissue form after surgery to remove tissue

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Scar tissue after sinus surgery

Most scar tissue is apparent in the first couple months after surgery.  It is very unusual to see late scarring.  The most frequent problem leading to recurrent infections after surgery is either incomplete ethmoidectomy or the natural openings into the maxillary sinuses were not restored at the first procedure.  Less than 5% of maxillary openings scar down assuming they were done correctly the first time.  Additional scarring with each additional procedure is,possible.

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