Does rogaine cause collagen breakdown?

I've written about my ipl experience and relating it to these grooves that appeared around my eyes one month after 2nd session. Coinciding with ipl i was also using Rogaine for about a month and now i'm reading that Rogaine can cause dark circles and wrinkling ------------- Does anyone know anything about this?? Thank you.

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Rogaine and Dark Circles

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The active ingredient in Rogaine is Minoxidil and was discovered as a possible hair loss remedy accidentally in individuals using it to combat high blood pressure.  Although the medicine is FDA approved for to treat hair loss in men and women, typical results are very marginal (especially when compared to hair transplant and sometimes other medications).  The mechanism of action in the hair follicle is not quite known, however it's a stretch to say that Minoxidil causes collagen breakdown.  Could he effect on your eyes be secondary to something else or even a change in your lifestyle, hydration, sleeping habits etc coinciding with the Rogaine?  Have you noticed any other problem areas?  These are questions I would first ask before blaming the Minoxidil.

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