What Sedatives Are Used During SmartLipo?

If the patient is awake during the SmartLipo procedure, what sedatives are given to keep the patient relaxes, and how are those monitored?

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Sedatives and Smart Lipo

Each doctor has their own routine with regard to the type of sedatives used during Smart lipo .  Check with the surgeon doing you procedure to see what medications they are planning to use.  Also ask they how you will be monitored and if their surgery center is licensed and certified.  Best wishes.

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Sedation during SmartLipo

Since the procedure is often done in the office, only a small amount of sedation is usually used.  Generally, oral sedatives such as Valium in combination with a narcotic such as Hydrocodone will be enough.  The local anesthetic used generally keeps the patient comfortable.  Monitoring is usually done with pulse oximetry (oxygen in the blood) and blood pressure. 

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The choice of drugs is  different depending on the desires and experience of your doctor. You really don't need very much and valium with some vicodin usually does the trick. There are some doctors who use full on general anesthesia.

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