What to Do After One Ruptured Saline Breast Implant?

One saline implant ruptured, how can i make the other one leak safely, can I poke a needle in the bottom of my breast?

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Ruptured Saline Breast Implant Recommedations

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It is extremely important that rupturing an implant be done in a sterile fashion by a plastic surgeon with experience in breast augmentation. Failure to do this can result in infection.

Although the cost of puncturing an implant to deflate it would be minimal the best and safest medical advise is to Remove ruptured saline breast implants

Although it is possible to leave ruptured saline implants in your body it is not recommended by most plastic surgeons. Once there is a leak in the implant, then serum can also enter it which is a potential site for infection. In general leaving a foreign body without providing a purpose doesn't make a lot of sense. Removing implants is straight forward and can even be done in the office under local anesthesia to minimize costs if this is what is preventing you from considering this recommendation

Deflating a Saline breast implant using a needle

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You should have a professional manage a controlled deflation of the implant. Believe it or not, I actually performed 5 needle perforations of an implant in an effort to slowly decrease a breast prior to downsizing implants and despite using a 16G needle, it did not deflate.

Implant problems

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I would not recommend poking a hole in your other implant for risk of multipls problems( i.e infection, pneumothorax)  I would see a plastic surgeon to have them removed.


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Simply poking your breast with a needle might pop the implant as you suggest but it could also introduce bacteria into the implant or breast and give you a severe infection.  Do not consider doing this.  Visit a plastic surgeon, and if you want both implants out, it should be a relatively simple procedure if done safely.

Options for deflated saline implant

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Your saline implant should be covered under the manufacturer's warranty so you would get  new one free. There is no reason to deflate the other implant. Although the deflation is a harmless event, deflated implants can have folds and bumps that could be uncomfortable, so replacement is a better option.

I wouldn't recommend that

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Why not see a plastic surgeon about having the implants changed or removed if that's what you want.  If the implants are less than 10 years old they should be covered under the warranty and the manufacturer will replace the implants and pay 1200 or 3500 depending upon the brand and whether you bought the extended warranty.  THIS IS NOT A PROCEDURE TO DO ON YOUR OWN!

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