What's the Biggest Breast Implant I Can Get with my Measurements?

HELP! whats the biggest cc i can go with my measurements? can i do 500cc?? 5'4 32in waiist 27in around under boob 30in arond over boob 34A /B cup size depends on bra. got broad shoulders, want 2 hav 500cc silicon high profile implant seen girls with bigger, same measurments - what cup size would i be after? will that be proporsionate 2 bod? over/under better for me?

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What's the Biggest Breast Implant I Can Get with my Measurements?

Tthis really depends on the breast width diameter and capacity of the breast envelope and distance from nipple to fold.

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Implant choices

The best way to determine the appropriate size for you would be to perform an exam to evalute your dimensions, the quality of your tissues and speak with you.  Other than that I could not say.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast implants-large sizes

I specialize in placing very large implants. I normally determine size by photos the patient shows me or a particular cc size. Always go a little larger than you want for the size does reduce over a year. If you plastic surgeon is reluctant to place large sizes, then look for another one!

Edward J. Domanskis, MD
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How to pick breast implant sizes.

 How to pick breast implant sizes

Answer by George J. Beraka, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
1) This is the most common type of question on RealSelf.

2) It is the surgeon's job to pick the right breast implants, not the patient's. Implant selection is really pretty technical.

3) Make sure your surgeon REALLY understands the look you want. Mentioning a cup size is not enough. Show your surgeon pictures of breasts you like.

4) Then your surgeon has to tell you if your chosen look is realistic for your anatomy. The most common mistake is to go too big.

5) I recommend that the surgeon NOT make a final implant choice in advance, because this is just an educated guess.

6) The surgeon should have a large inventory of different size and shape implants available in the operating room.

7) Then the surgeon can put sterile disposable implant SIZERS in your breasts during surgery, to see what a particular implant really looks like inside you. This is how to make the best choice. A sizer costs only $45, and takes all the guess work out.

8) Finally, the sizer is discarded, and the correct breast implants (based on what you want and on your anatomy) are opened from the operating roon inventory, and put in your breasts to complete the operation.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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Biggest implant for my measurements

The answer to this is sort of like the question of how big a foot can I get into this shoe but in reverse. 

The implant needs to match the width of your breast but can extend forward (projection) to the extent that implants are available with the maximum projection as the tissues will allow for forward projection if the width of the implant fits the width of the breast. 

In silicone gel-filled breast implants this would be a high profile Mentor or Allergan implant that has a diameter about 3/4 to 1 cm less than the width of your breast measured upright with arms down and externally. Average breast width for a 34 chest is about 13 cm so this would translate into an Allergan high profile gel of 425 cc and about a two cup size increase.  If you use a bigger implant you are at risk for a distorted and artificial looking outcome. 

Scott L. Replogle, MD
Boulder Plastic Surgeon
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Need Photos To Give Opinion On Implant Size

To be honest, noone can really give you an answer without seeing you.  Measurements can help, but you need specific breast measurements to really determine what size implant will fit and do the best job.  Without seeing you, it is hard to render an opinion.  With regards to cup size afterwards, everyone is different.  You can have two women with the exact same size implant and similar breast tissue, who are completely different sizes afterwards.  It all has to do with your height, weight, breast size/shape, chest width, etc.  Generally a 500cc implant makes anyone at least a D cup, but that is just a generalization.

Christopher V. Pelletiere, MD
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