Saline Breast Implants Leaking

I have saline implants placed 2002. Yesterday, I notice my left breast was soft and shrinking. Consequently, I also experience a post nasal drip of salt in my throat. The left is smaller and softer than my right. This A.M. I haven't experience any difference. What are all my options, could I exercise?

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Leaking breast implant options

Thanks for your question.

As the other physicians have mentioned the salty taste in your mouth and your saline implants are unrelated. There is no way for leaking saline to get to your nose or mouth. The saline is simply absorbed by the tissue around the implant pocket.

Implant ruptures should be evaluated by a board certified plastic surgeon. Usually, saline breast implants will not exhibit slow leaks but will leak like a ruptured balloon (very quickly). This will usually result in significant asymmetry. Silicone ruptures can be much more challenging to detect.

If your implant is leaking you may need to have the implant(s) removed or have the ruptured implant replaced. Implants that are ruptured that were placed in 2002 are likely still covered by the warranty. Be sure to contact your original plastic surgeon if you don't have the original paperwork. Warranties from Mentor or Allergan (the two largest breast implant manufacturers) usually last the lifetime of the implant.

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It seems you have a deflating saline implant.

It sounds as though your implant is deflating. It is not related to your post-nasal drip however. You should visit a board certified plastic surgeon to have this confirmed and discuss your options. You should be able to exercise; however, sometimes women will notice the implant 'poking' them and this may be uncomfortable.

Sanjay Grover, MD
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Have your implants and breasts examined

The salty taste in your mouth and your breast implants are unrelated. If your breasts are noticeable smaller and softer to the point of concern for you cosmetically, then you should check with your surgeon to see if the implants leaking is the cause. You can still exercise since a leaking saline implant is not a danger to your breast or health.

Basically, if your saline implants are not giving you the size and shape satisfaction you desire, then you might want to change them regardless of if they are in fact leaking. If they are leaking, they pose no danger and you can leave them in until you are ready to undergo a replacement or, if they still look acceptable (some saline implants only partially deflate), then you can wait until the breasts look unacceptable to you cosmetically.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
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You might have a breast implant deflation

You should visit a plastic surgeon soon and have the implants checked.  It sounds as though you have a left sided deflation happening.  It is not causing the nasal symptoms and you can certainly exercise until you find out what is going on.  A saline deflation is totally harmless to your health.

Leaking Saline Breast Implants

Thank you for your question.  I would recommend scheduling a consultation or a follow up appointment with a board-certified plastic surgeon for a physical exam.  A physical exam would confirm if you are experiencing a saline breast implant deflation and all options will be discussed.  Based upon the information you provided, it seems as though you are experiencing a deflation since you have noticed a difference in both size and feel but you should have this confirmed.  

The saline taste you are experiencing is unrelated to your implants.  Your body, specifically the tissue in and around your breast pocket, is absorbing any saline that may be leaking from your implant(s).  As far as exercise is concerned, saline implant leaks post no danger to your health so you should be ok, however, I do not recommend leaving any ruptured or leaking device in the body for any prolonged period of time. 

I hope you find this helpful and best of luck!

Get it replaced

You'll need to see your surgeon to get the implant removed, then replaced if you prefer with saline or silicone. Saline implant ruptures are harmless, and you may continue with your regular daily activities, such as exercising. However, it's best to have this replaced when you can.

Ronald Levine, MD
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Implant leaking

If you your implant is ruptured, it typically takes a few days for it to fully deflate as your body needs some time to absorb the saline.  If this is the case, you should see a plastic surgeon to discuss replacing the implant.  It would be advisable to have this procedure done sooner than later to decrease the risk of the capsule (scar tissue around the implant) from contracting, making the surgery slightly less predictable.

Kunaal Jindal, MD
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Implant needs to be replaced

It sounds as if the implant is leaking.  I don't think it has anything to do with your nasal symptoms.  You can exercise, but you need to contact your plastic surgeon so they can arrange replacement of the deflated implant. 

Saline implant leaking

If you have larger implants, give it a couple of more days and watch to see if your breast decreases in size further. However, if you have smaller implants then the deflation may have already occurred. Please see your surgeon for a physical examination and discussion of replacement surgery, if you would like to have them replaced. You can still exercise. Best of luck.

Saline Implant Deflation

         Based on your history, it appears that your left breast implant has deflated. This is supported by the fact that the implant is smaller and softer than the opposite side. The salty taste in your mouth is probably unrelated.


         In the majority of patients undergoing breast augmentation, implants last a lifetime. Occasionally, implants deflate and need to be replaced.


         Current data suggests that implants deflate at a rate of one percent at one year and three percent at three years. Over time, this number can be expected to grow. Implants may deflate with no apparent cause or may deflate secondary to trauma.


         When saline implants deflate, the diagnosis is relatively easy to make. These implants lose volume and flatten quickly.


         Correction of this problem will require removal and replacement of your ruptured breast implant. Since its been ten years since your original procedure, the opposite implant should be replaced as well. It’s important that you consult your surgeon as soon as possible.

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