Sagging with Under the Muscle Implants?

Hi i used to have round implants and after 12 years they began to sag a little but they sagged with the rest of my breast, so it didnt even look like i had implants. I have had them replaced with unders and im now hearing that over time the muscle may hold the implant up while the rest of the breast almost slides off the implant. Is this correct? Would you see the implant held in place and the rest of the tissue hanging over and lower? Or will the implant sag with the rest of the breast?

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Concerns about Breast Implant Changes with Time?

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Based on your past history, I can understand your concerns. However, no one has a “crystal ball” and can with any degree of accuracy predict exactly how your breasts  or your breast implants will change with time. Obviously, there are many factors involved including the exact positioning of the breast implants ( usually only partially sub muscular),  skin elasticity, genetics, weight gain/loss, pregnancies...

 My best advice to you at this time is ENJOY the outcome of the procedure performed,  maintain a healthy lifestyle ( diet and exercise) and don't worry otherwise about a situation you cannot necessarily control.

 Best wishes.

Implant changes with time

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It is difficult to predict what will happen with every patient.  In most people with implants under the muscle, there will be a tendency for the breast to "sag" more than the implants as the patient ages.  If that occurs, a breast lift can often correct the change.  Enjoy your current result and continue with a healthy lifestyle.

Naveen Setty, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Breasts will evolve with time

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with or without implants.  No matter what is done, there will be detrimental changes with time.  More surgery will be needed if you wish to maintain the most youthful, perky look.  My advice is to not burden yourself with things you cannot change and to support your breasts as much as possible (bra) and hopefully aging will be good to you.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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Under muscle implants

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I have seen the breast sag over the implant when the muscle is not properly released along the inferior pole.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Jonathan H. Sherwyn, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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If the implant is positioned underneath muscle and fascia, it is true that the breast tissue will fall off the implant with time and gravity  Two options exist to address this. The first involves an uplift, merely elevating or uplifting the breast tissue so it is in harmony with the underlying implant. The second option is conversion of the implant location to a dual plane, that is, under the muscle above and under the gland below. One of the objections to this option is that it would place your breast at a lower position on your body.

Jonathan H. Sherwyn, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

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