Any Safe Temporary Fillers for the Butt?

Okay, so I am unhappy with not the size of my rear end, but with the saggy/long appearance. I have a little fat on my sides which i could u se for a brazilian, but I am unconvinced the brazilian will fix the saggy appearance. Every brazilian butt lift I have seen looks worse and less femanine (like a male football player from behind). Im terrified of that appearance :( Can anyone suggest temporary fillers that could be used in that area, to see what perm results would look like?

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SCULPTRA for subtle butt augmentation

Dear LidiaAnna:  There is no real substitute for an autologous fat transfer or "Brazilian Butt Lift."  That said, I have on occasion used SCULPTRA for subtle buttock augmentation with great results.  Sculptra, as you may know, is a man-made product that is FDA approved for facial volume loss.  It is not a permanent filler, however, and after it is injected it is eventually turned into collagen by your own tissues.  The use of SCULPTRA for buttock augmentation is an off-label use but a viable option if you do not have adequate fat to transfer.  The outcome is not as dramatic as a buttock implant but may meet your expectations.  The success of the procedure certainly depends on the technique of the plastic surgeon.  A more definitive answer that applies directly to your case would require an in-office consult.

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Sculptra buttock augmentation

You can use dermal filler to augment the buttock region, but this can quickly become much more expensive than surgery.  The one dermal filler that could be an option and not exceed surgical consideration is Sculptra.  This would be the ideal product for someone who does not have a lot of donor fat, and wants a moderate augmentation.  Sculptra may take several sessions spaced several weeks apart.  There is minimal downtime associated with Sculptra buttock augmentation.  I often plan the degree of augmentation and verify with the patient how much Sculptra I may need by doing a pre-run using Saline.  If the patient ends up with a few hundred cc's (mls) of saline, then he/she would be better off with fat grafting or with implants.  If I can achieve with a great result with less than 50 cc's (mls), then Sculptra may be a great option for the patient.
Though I use Sculptra and train other injectors on the use of Sculptra for facial rejuvenation, the fact that Sculptra generates a strong collagen response, allows me to use in other areas such as the buttock, ankles, liposuction defects, etc.  I would definitely go to someone with a lot of Sculptra experience if you are venturing for a buttock augmentation.

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Any Safe Temporary Fillers for the Butt?

The safe temporary fillers like Restylane and Juvederm, which are usually used in the face in smaller quantities, would be very expensive in the much larger quantities needed for the buttocks.  I would stick with using your own fat for buttock enhancement.  I recommend consulting with experienced board-certified plastic surgeons.  He or she can show you examples of their work and make recommendations based upon your specific goals.  Typically, a much more feminine, "hourglass" shape is created by the reduction of fat in the lower back and waist and the addition of fat to the buttocks.  Sagging will also improve when the volume of the buttocks is increased with fat grafting.  When I speak to my patients I use the analogy of adding air to a partially filled balloon.  With more air, the balloon fills up and lifts.  The same thing happens to sagging buttocks with the addition of fat.

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Any Safe Temporary Fillers for the Butt...

Unfortunately there are no FDA approved fillers designed for the buttock.  Usually, more volume is needed than most injectables will give.  If you don't have enough fat to fill out your buttocks nicely, you would need a surgical procedure which may include buttock implants and possibly a lift.  Arrange for a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and he/she can guide for in the best direction.

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Large volume fat is best for butt

Dear LidiaAnna- Hello!  IT is my experience that fat is the best for buttock augmentation because it usually takes quite a bit of volume to change the contour-- and temporary fillers --used for the face mostly-- are just too small of volume!   The issue with fat is that even some of this does absorb, and so a great result on day one can sometimes get a bit smaller due to this absorption.  Good Luck!  Dr. Anne Taylor

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No safe FDA approved fillers for buttock augmentation

There are no FDA approved fillers for buttock augmentation. There are some fillers that are used for the face which could be used "off-label" for the buttock but will require numerous syringes and only give a temporary effect. The best material is your body's own fat.

If you communicate with your plastic surgeon your aesthetic goals with regard to the shape and size you want, the two of you should be able to agree on a reasonable surgical plan. This depends on the amount of fatty tissue you have of course.

A board certified plastic surgeon can examine you and determine if you are a good candidate.

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Are there any safe buttock fillers?

The only safe buttock filler is autologous fat transfer, also know as a "Brazilian Buttock Lift". There are no FDA approved temporary fillers. Some may use temporary fillers "off label", but the amount of filler necessary would make the cost of the injections prohibitive. You mention that you have a "long and saggy" buttocks. The only way to correct this would be to shorten, lift, and augment your buttocks. This can be achieved by performing a buttock lift with autologous buttock augmentation. The regularly excised tissue is used as an implant to to augment your buttocks!

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Safe Saline Temporary filler option for buttock enhancement

Brazilian buttock lift with your own fat is the best option for permanent buttock enhancement. If you are not sure if you will like the results, the only safe option is using sterile saline solution. Saline is an FDA approved substance in the medical field. Saline buttock enhancement will temporary expand your back side without the commitment of downtime or recovery. It is also perfect to temporary enhance your appearance before a special occasion. Saline buttock enhancement is temporary and will last 2 – 3 days. We offer this option for our patients who are thinking of buttock enhancement but not sure how they will look like or going to a special occasion.

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Fillers for buttock lift

all of the previoius answers are correct.   fat is the best filler.  all the others are not fda approved and would require huge amounts.

sagging can be improved with a surgical lift and the incision may be a worthwhile trade-off for the shape that you obtain

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Brazilian Butt enhancement


 There are many reasons the shape of the buttock is not ideal

First we do not know your age, if you had any surgery around the buttock?

The shape of the pelvis, The shape of the muscle.

Any fat above or below the buttoc can affect the shape.

See a board certified plastic surgeon (American Board of Plastic Surgery) for full evaluation and may be computer imaging, then discuss your options.


Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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