Which Are the Side Effects of PMMA Butt Augmentations After 1 Year?

I got my butt done with pmma injections about a year ago. I am very happy with the results. None side effects for now, but I am getting a little worry for the reviews i have read about long time side effects. Can I still have problems after 1 year of procedure?

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PMMA complications.

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Since it is not FDA approved and is a dangerous substance, complications can happen at any time. 

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You are past the riskiest stage............

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Fortunately, you are past the life threatening risks of having this stuff injected. The long term risks are more ones of pain, lumps and granulomas. I have seen patients with the material eroding through their skin as well as late infections. It can be disfiguring, deforming the shape of your buttocks as well.

Hopefully none of these things will happen to you. Many people get lucky and never have any of these problems. Unfortunately, many do.

Daniel P. Markmann, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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