Is There a Safe Way to Remove Hydrogel in Butt?

What is the safest way to remove hydrogel injected in the buttocks,can it be seen in MRI if it migrated? Are there anyone out there who never had any complications or side effect even after 7-10 years?

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Trouble finding surgeons to remove hydrogel.

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There may not be any surgeons willing to help with this because of the scarring and deformity that is  caused when removing it.  Since it travels into the body, it is impossible to remove it all.  People do not think of this part of it when they are having these dangerous substances injected into their bodies.  Very sad.  Good luck...

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Buttock injections

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the two most common foriegn materials that are illegally used to inject in the Buttock (PUMPING PARTIES) are silicone and now Hydrogel. Both materials are not medical grade but commercial grade and contain many impurities.

Both cause a foriegn body reaction called Granulomas Both materials can migrate and clog lymphatic chanels, and lymph nodes.

Both materials have been injected near the scietic nerve by the ignorant injector and cause severe pain and is life long. No surgeon will approach that.

MRI cak locate the silicone and the hydrogel. One can not remove ALL the injected material  but can remove the major granulomas and collection of the material.Ofcourse expect to have a scar on the buttock to be able to remove the material. Also expect a deformity where it is removed.

That is why most surgeons will not toutch these cases. Thsese patiets will transfer their anger from the original injector to the DOCTOR who is trying to help them, but leave behind a SCAR and a DEFORMITY. The patient FOGETS the original problem and thei OWN decision to inject in an illegal manner in a PUMPING PARTY by a person that they do not see or KNOW THEIR NAME.

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