Is It Safe for a Pregnant Doctor to Perform Thermage?

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Pregnant doctor performing Thermage

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Yours is a very unusual question but thank you for your concern. Thermage should not be permormed on a pregnant woman, but there is no danger for the operator; as the radio-frequency does not leave the treating body. The treatment can be done sitting down and is usually very confortable for everyone. This being said, everyone has different thresholds, especially during pregnancy. Hope this appeases you. Good luck!

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Yes it is safe for a pregnant doctor to perform Thermage

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Yes it is safe for a pregnant doctor to perform Thermage. Thermage is heat and not radiation or anything that the physician cannot do while pregnant.

Pregnant Provider and Thermage...

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Yes, it is safe for a pregnant person to perform a Thermage treatment on a patient.  There are no safety issue with this. 


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