What is the Difference Between Indiba Vs Exilis Vs Thermage?

I have been doing quite a lot of research about this three machines. As i know they are all radio frequency, but some of the friends of mine tried Thermage claims a bit pain during treatment. Why is there pain? I personally quite confident with Indiba because of the result are excellent. I wanted to try Exilis but not really confident about it. And i wanted to have must breast more firming, eventually when i went for consultant, a Dr. suggest RF but aren't RF is heat?

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Difference between Indibavs Exilis vs Thermage

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All three are Radiofrequency devices that heat the skin and as a result tightening occurs. Indiba is used in Europe for cosmetic tightening, but also as a physiotherapy device. Thermage has been around the longest and has recently introduced the Thermage Total Tip which results in less discomfort during the procedure and, often, immediate results followed by delayed very good results.

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