Is Rubbing Fish Oil on Your Breast Harmful?

I had a baby in 2010 (only pregnancy) and lost my volume. My breast were very dense before and just went flat on me. I started rubbing fish oil on them and soon as I put the oil on my breast, they began to swell and form a round sexy shape to them. Please do not misunderstand me, I am not complaining; I just want to make sure this is not harming my tissues. I want to get pregnant again soon and possibly breast feed. They are full and beautiful now I would hate to have to quit using this. Thanks.

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Fish oil on breasts

There is no research suggesting that fish oil rubbed on the breasts or taken orally contributes to a larger breast size. The only thing that is possible is that the massage may have helped increase circulation to your breasts.

Fish oil is packed full of healthy fats which can help improve your health. I don't think it would have a negative impact on your breast health or breastfeeding ability.

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Fish Oil and Breasts

Dear Atlanta4371,

Thanks for the question.  There are a number of very good studies that demonstrate that women who regularly take fish oil either through supplements or regular dietary intake of the right types of fish do have a lower risk of breast cancer than women who did not take in fish oils.  However, I can find no study that addresses the issue you wish addressed.  It is doubtful that the fish oil is likely to cause you harm but as to its effects on increasing your breast size...who knows?

Prior to becoming pregnant, you may want to discuss with your OB-GYN about fish oil and pregnancy.

Thanks for the best question of the day.

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