Mixto Laser for Rosacea?

I have rosacea. Will Mixto laser make it worse?

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The Mixto may not be the best laser for Rosacea

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Hi there-

In our Orlando Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Center, we LOVE the Mixto-

But it is probably not your best choice if your only concern is rosacea...

The Mixto, or any other fractional co2 laser, focuses on the water in the skin. This vaporizes the top layer of the skin, causes contraction of deeper layers, with sloughing and collagen stimulation.

The best rosacea treatments focus on 'sealing' the blood vessels that are making the skin red. The best wavelengths for rosacea treatments are with 532 KTP, pulsed-dye lasers and IPL's.

Mixto Laser Fractional Resurfacing great for skin rejuvenation

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The Mixto CO2 Fractional Laser resurfacing is great for skin rejuvenation and acne scarring. It is not a treatment for acne Rosacea. It should not improve nor worsen acne Rosacea. My patients who have both problems with wrinkles and Rosacea are usually treated first with the Mixto and then later with IPL treatments. This combination therapy is very effective.

Mark Berkowitz, MD
Sterling Heights Oculoplastic Surgeon
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