Indentation where incision scars are at. Will they round out?

I am 3 week post op from my exchange surgery. Had a double mastectomy in feb. I have 700cc implants. I justi got my steri strips off today and i have an indention along the incision line. It was noticeable with the strips on and is still noticable with them off. When my implants settle some more...will my breast round out and even out more? Or will i always have an indentation running width wise along my breasts?

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Without photos, it is difficult to guide you. But in general, the scars will relax over time and should not remain indented. If they do, a scar revision could be done to correct it. Best of luck.

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Indented scar

It's possible that this could persist, but definitely requires more time to know for sure.  It is hard to say how likely it is to resolve without being able to see it, so might be worth a conversation with your plastic surgeon. I always recommend we allow at least 6-8 weeks after surgery to allow post operative changes to diminish prior to making decisions about revision surgery. Revision surgery could make an indented scar better, so there are options should this not resolve. Good luck!

Neil Fine, MD
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