Can Ringworm in Your Bloodstream Infect Your Implants?

I recently had a huge outbreak of ringworm. It spread all over under my breast, arms, abdomen, and back. I have been to the physician and been put on diflucan and ketaconozole cream. Some places have cleared, but some are still red and itchy. The doctor said it probably spread everywhere due to it getting into my bloodstream. Is it possible that it has gotten into my breast implants? If so, how do I find out and what do I do?

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Can Ringworm in Your Bloodstream Infect Your Implants?

Ringworm is a fungus that lives off keratin in the skin and hair follicles. it can rarely be found in the bloodstream. I know of  no cases involving breast implants. The potential issue would be that bacteria are more likely to enter through the skin in areas of ulceration, so continuing your treatment to completion is advisable. Thanks and best wishes. 

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Fungal Spread and Concerns of Breast Implants

    In the absence of an immunocompromised state, the fungal infection should clear without becoming systemic.  Bacterial infection can become an issue with scratching and rubbing. 

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