Can I Return to Work 2 Days After a Breast Augmentation and Lift, I Work As a Cashier?

Hi, I'm 21 years, 5'1, 108 lbs. I'm having surgery next month like to know if i can return to work as soon as possible. Thanks

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Returning to work after a Breast Augmentation

Thank you for your question. I understand wanting to return to a regular day routine after surgery. However, consult with your plastic surgeon and get his opinion. Being able to evaluate you physically will give you a better answer. Usually with Breast Augmentation, people are back to work in about a week. Hope this helped, best of luck! 

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Returning to work

Thank you for your question.
I recommend checking with your surgeon for his/her instructions/ restriction post surgery. You can return to work when  you  feel well enough, with lifting restrictions for 3 to 6 weeks. Best of luck.

Time off Work as a cashier

Each surgeon has his or her own guidelines for recovery. Typically, patients can return to light activity after 5 to 7 days. More strenuous activity may take 3 to 6 weeks. Consult with your board certified surgeon as he or she will understand the scope of the surgery and the specifics of you.

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Returning to work after a breast augmentation

Depending upon your pain level it is possible.  The only activities I would restrict a patient to after a breast augmentation would be not to lift greater than 20 pounds and avoid activities where the breasts bounce up and down for 6 weeks. Atlanta Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Z

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Breast lift and breast augmentation. returning to work


  I think that planning on going back to work in 2 days or so is pushing it but some patients can do it.  Quite frankly, some patients just do not have the ability to take off work and they will put up with the discomfort/pain no matter what the recommendation.

  If you were my patient, I would let you know that there is a very little chance that you will cause any problems with the surgery but you might be uncomfortable.  If you can take the discomfort or pain, then go for it.  If you are on narcotic pain medicines, then you should not be driving or working at  job that requires you to be alert such as your job. 

Return to work post aug

Two dyas is stretching it because you also have to drive,I would wait about 4-5 days and even then there is soem risk.Maybe soemone can drive you to work.

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Two Days Probably Not Enough

That's a popular question many of my patients ask as well. At 21 years old, you're still quite young, so you may be able to recover more quickly from your surgery than older patients. Having said that, however, you'll still need to limit your activity so that your body can recover properly from the trauma of surgery. I usually recommend my patients take about 5-7 days off of work, during which time they should relax and restrict their arm movements and avoid any lifting or strenuous exercise. You may need less, or more, than this recommended time frame, depending on how you feel and how you're recovering. 

Here are some things that you'll need to consider:


- if you feel pain or discomfort: while this can be controlled by prescribed medication, you may not feel up to dealing with work stress, too.

- if the swelling/bruising is too visible: this might affect your appearance and you may not want to go to work, particularly since you're a cashier and need to interact with customers.

- if your job requires any lifting, you won't be able to without negatively affecting your recovery. If your job requires you to stand/sit in one spot for long periods of time, this can also negatively affect your recovery.

- if your recovery is compromised, not only is it dangerous to your health, you can also jeopardize the results of your procedure.

It's advisable to take as many days off of work as recommended by your surgeon. However, I honestly think that 2 days off is not enough.


Oh, and by the way, make sure you get your surgeon to write a note for your absence, so you don't get penalized for taking the days off.

Downtime following Breast Augmentation

There are many factors that affect recovery following breast augmentation - Patient factors, Surgeon factors and Implant factors.  I offer patients a Fast-Trak recovery with the majority of patients recovering with return to normal activities of daily living immediately, and over 80% back to work within 24-48 hours with no to minimal pain medication such as Vicodin.   In order to achieve this, patients need to be educated properly and informed on what to expect postoperatively, implants chosen to match their breast dimensions such as width of the breast and elasticity or stretch-meaning not over-augmented, the implant pocket is approached through a fold incision with absolutely no bleeding or trauma to the ribs or breast tissues, stretching of your arms above your head starting in recovery, taking a 2-3 hour nap and then getting up, taking a shower and going out for a walk, out to the mall or movie or out to dinner.  The more quickly you return to normal activity the quicker your recovery will be.  All my Best!  Dr B

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Recovery After a Breast Augmentation/Mastopexy

Many of my patients wish to return to work as soon as possible, however no one has returned in 2 days, I must admit. I recommend my patients to take at least a week to 10 days before returning to work, to insure that they no longer require pain medication to be comfortable. I also caution any patient that no heavy lifting should be attempted for at least 6 weeks following the surgery. This time frame allows for adequate healing to take place. However, the best surgeon to ask would be the one you have chosen, as there are many opinions as to the amount of time needed to recover.

Return to work after augment/pexy

Two days is not enough. I recommend that you plan for at least 7-10 days off from work. It is better to expect a lengthier recuperation than to disappoint an employer and risk discharge. At two days postop, you will probably still be on pain medication and I also have concerns about the lifting and standing that you do at work. I think it is foolhardy to let you think that you can return to work or to have you believe, postoperatively, that you are outside the norm if you cannot do so after two days. This should certainly be discussed with your plastic surgeon but I would recommend that you plan the surgery around a time when you can insure that you have adequate recuperative time.

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