Retinol Creams in the Eye Area?

I have heard so much conflicting information about this subject. As a woman in my 40's, I would like a definitive answer to this question. Are retinol creams or serums a good product to use around the eye area? I am currently using a retinol serum on my face and the results have been incredible.

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Retinol Creams Are Good To Use Around The Eye Area

Yes, retinol creams are good to use around the eye, but care must be taken.  What you will notice around your eyes when using a retinoid is that there is some initial swelling and what appears to be more wrinkling.  This can be frustrating, and most people are afraid to continue.  Remember not to apply too much of the retinoid in this area, as it is very dose-dependent and will peel more the more you use it in a given area.  Once your skin is acclimated, you should see some tightening of this area.  I would advise you that you may use a retinoid around the eye area, and take care not to get the product into your eye, as this will dry your eyes.

Virginia Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Retinol creams around the eye

  Yes.  You are happy with the results on your face so absolutely you should try this around the eyes.  The skin is very thin here so avoid over treatment (and of course avoid accidental instillation in the eyes). 

Lawrence Kass, MD
Saint Petersburg Oculoplastic Surgeon
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