Can I Use Retina A and Vitamin C at the Same Time?

I first apply Retina A gel, then apply a skin brightening product-I recently realized it contains a form of Vitamin C-is that OK?

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Retin-A and Vitamin C work great together

Retin-A and topical Vitamin C are very important for good skin care.  Just use the Retin-A at night and the Vitamin C in the morning - never together.  Also, the addition of a glycolic lotion and sunscreen to your morning regimen would further add to your skin rejuvenation.

Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Best combo: Retin A PM and Vitamin C AM with sunscreen.

It is always important to know what you want to accomplish with any skin care program. In general, you want to protect in the morning and repair in the evening. My favorite combo is Vitamin C with sunscreen in the daytime, because the sunscreen blocks UV light and the Vitamin C is a protective antioxidant. Retin A is the gold standard for PM repair and since it is very unstable to light, it does not work well during the day. As always, your personal dermatologist's advise is best.

Mary P. Lupo, MD
New Orleans Dermatologist
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Retin A and Vitamin C

Retin A may be used in conjunction with a topical vitamin C product. However, the topical vitamin C product should be applied at least 30 minutes before or after the Retin A. Also, the vitamin C product when used in combination with Retin A may cause irritation and thus would suggest this protocol only after a dermatologist reviews with you. The topical vitamin C product should be approved first by your dermatologist as well since there are so many "gimmicky" products out there.

Steven Hacker, MD
West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon
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