Which Retin-A Tretinoin Would Be Best to Treat Fordyce Spots on my Penis?

I have fordyce spots on the shaft and foreskin of my penis. I have read online that tretinoin works in getting rid of fordyce spots. First off would it be better to use a cream or gel version? I was thinking the gel since I have found many testimonials that the cream leads to rashes and massive skin peeling. Secondly in addition to the first question: should I use the 0.05% strength gel, 0.10% gel, 0.025% cream, or 0.05% cream. Obviously mattering whether cream or gel is preferred. Thanks.

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Treatment for Fordyce spots

Fordyce spots are oil glands (sebaceous glands) that are normal structures but appear in abnormal (ectopic) positions, such as the vermilion border of the lips, penis, scrotum or labia.

They are best treated with a destructive method like a CO2 laser, cauterization or trichloroacetic acid application.

There is one report of Accutane being helpful in treating them, but it is not the best method and requires taking Accutane for several months, which exposes the entire body to the potential side effects from the medication.

Tretinoin creams or gels really have no place in treating the Fordyce spots.

Short Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Treating Fordyce spots with retin-A

I don't think you would see any benefit from using retin-A on your Fordyce spots, and in fact would likely have a fair bit of redness/irritation from it. Best to see your dermatologist for destructive treatments, from laser to electrosurgery to application of acids.

Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC
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