Will Retin-A Before and After TCA Cause More Breakouts?

I'll be doing a 12.5% TCA soon for acne/acne scarring. Web advice is to use Retin-A 2 weeks prior and restart 1 week post-peel.

I was always told to "expect [acne] to get worse before it gets better" w/ Retin-A use; so won't this cause increased acne before and/or after the peel?

Should this step be avoided since I did a Vi peel in November? Thanks a ton!!

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TCA chemical peels and Retin-A

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Retin-A can accelerate the healing process as well as improve pigment irregularities and therefore it can be useful in the pre and post care management of chemical peels. It may increase some erythema (redness).

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Retin-A helpful prior to peels

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Retin-A is an FDA approved acne medication in addtion to its rejeuvenating and lightening properties.
Our office protocol is ideally to use of Retin-A topically for 6 weeks or longer prior to a chemical peel. It is an independent antiaging and preventative of spotty pigmentation afterwards. Your doctor/medical aeshtetician will instruct you when to recontinue this product

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