Can I use Retin-A cream with LOreal White perfect tourmaline night cream?

Ive been suffering from blemish and acne on my forehead and cheeks since last week along with visible darkening.I've been using an abounding load of moisturizers prior to the breakout .However,I have stopped all of them but determined to continue the afore mentioned loreal night cream(I cannot say whether it is comedogenic but definetly moisturizing).Im approaching my monthly periods in a few days.I have experienced similar breakouts prior to my periods but quite rarely. Im an Indian of age 24.

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Can I use Retin A with L'Oreal night creme?

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The retin A can help the acne issue but the effect is not instantaneous. Don't give up on it. As for the other product, perhaps you can alternate using them if you are worried about any interaction.

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Retin-A and other products

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It takes a good month of solid use to see any changes in the skin, especially with acne. So don't get frustrated before that point. You can use Retin-A with other products. I don't know what's in your L'Oreal cream specifically but if it's just a moisturizer it's fine to use it along with Retin-A.

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