What can be done about retained areola after anchor lift?

Other problems are, areola too high, "boxy" shape and horizontal incision is 2" up from crease! I’d really like the advice from another PS. I can’t fix everything just yet, because I’m still paying for first surgery, but would at least like to get the pigment removed.

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Retained Areola after Breast Lift?

Sometimes, during breast lifting or reduction surgery it is not possible to remove the entire “excess” pigmented areola skin. Doing so would result in distortion of the breast and an unsatisfactory cosmetic result.

Often, this residual pigmented skin can be removed at a second stage many months or year after the initial procedure. Enough skin elasticity must be present to allow for this excision.

I hope this helps.

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Lift issues

Your lift has several issues that need to be dealt with once the healing is further along.  To my eye, the removal of the areolar skin excess is fairly easy and could be done in the office.  The bottomed out breast tissue with the scar on the chest wall will require more local than you probably are interested in handling.  I'd probablytake you to the OR for that.  If the nipples are too high then I'd remove the bottom portion of the breast and scar.  You have a very nice rounded shape to the breasts it's just that your scars need to be better located.  It's re-doable.

Ricardo A. Meade, MD
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Looks like your breasts may have bottomed out a bit. That is why the scar looks like it is too high in the fold.

Steven Wallach, MD
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