How Often Can I Repeating Teeth Whitening?

Hi I have just completed teeth whitening at home using Zoom 6% HP. I used a 3 syringe pack over approximately 2 weeks. I'm happy with results but was wondering if I could continue perhaps increase grade to 9%HP to achieve a whiter result. this is the first time I've tried whitening. Would it be safe for me to to it again so soon?

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How Many Times can I Whien My Teeth With Tooth Bleaching?

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Like anything in life, there can be a point that you get too much of a good thing.  In general I wouldn't be concerned if you went through the bleaching process a few more times, and touched it up a couple times with tray bleaching every 3-6 months after your routine cleaning.  One of the signs and symptoms of too much bleaching is tooth sensitivity, thus your body will start telling when to lay off.

There are very resistant circumstances (blue, gray or brown tetracycline discoloration)where patients bleach their teeth for 3-6 months.  Even though I had yet to hear of any problems with these patients, excessive bleaching could always potentially cause so need for root canals, external or internal resoprtion.  Thus, just try to use good judgment and don't over do it...ok?

Laguna Niguel Dentist

As White as Possible

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Using a 9% for a few more applications is probably fine, but you may experience some tooth sensitivity by extending the treatment and bumping up the gel concentration. Chances are since you’ve already gone 2 weeks, you’re most likely as white as possible, or very close to it. Instead, try the 9% gel when you touch up for a few days 3-6 months from now or after your next cleaning.

Michael Tam, BDS
Australia Dentist

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