Do I Need to Remove my Bridge? (photo)

hello there, i have pain all around ears, neck, temples, eye brows, right back side of head from the date i got dental implant (bridge). this pain start as soon as i bite normal biscuit early in morning. i could be able to eat anything and this is happening since 1 year. checked with my dentist he says no problem with placed teeth (bridge). or with adjacent tooth, but still have doubt. thanks alot fam.bamane

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You Need to Remove Your Bridge

The X-ray you posted shows vast decay and infection under the current bridge. It does NOT show that you had any implants. You need to remove the bridge and have a proper exam and diagnosis to see what teeth are salvageable, and if you need any extractions. You will need a NEW restoration &/or implanys after.

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Do I need to remove my bridge?

The old saying in dentistry and medicine never make a diagnosis from an radiograph that is how mistakes can be made. You should have a complete exam and the teeth and implant tested. Many of your symptoms seem similar to TMJ and would certainly go back to my dentist or consider a second opinion. If when biting on just the bridge portion you have pain perhaps their is a problem with the teeth supporting the bridge and a root canl and or failing implant could be the problem good luck.


Kevin Coughlin DMD, MBA, MAGD  CEO Baystate Dental PC.

Kevin Coughlin, DMD
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Pain under the current bridge

Analyzing current x-rays both of the teeth supporting the bridge have deep decay and poor marginal quality of the existing crowns. This bridge definitely needs to be removed, decay addressed (removed) and new bridge over the teeth, or implants should be fabricated. 

Difficult to diagnose with provided xrays

Hi, First of all, you do not have Implants. Bridge you have is supported by your own teeth. X-rays are not of a diagnostic quality, but there seem to be decay under the bridge. There may also be a `gap' between the bridge and your own teeth with poor fit of a bridge. If you're in that much pain, the problem need to be diagnosed. My suggestion would be a second opinion. Good Luck! 

Hema Patel, DDS
Fremont Dentist

Hard to tell from your Xray if bridge needs to be removed

The x-ray you provided does not give the needed detail to see if something is wrong with the bridge. you need bitewing and periapical (PA) X-rays of the bridge and a visual exam. You may be cofused but the bridge is not a dental implant bridge. It is a bridge supported by your own teeth.

The symptoms you are describing could be from an incorrect bite on the bridge. This cannot be checked on an X-ray and would have to be checked in the mouth with articulating paper. If the bridge is adequate it may be possible to adjust the bite without removing it.

The symptoms could also be arising from a bad or dead nerve inside one of the supporting teeth. This should be checked by a root canal specialist. The bridge may or may not need to be removed for this.

If your dentist has checked all these things and you still have a doubt, then get a 2nd opinion from an experienced dentist who has a lot of experience with crowns and bridges or from a prosthodontist.

Lastly, the symptoms could be unrelated and it was a coincidence with the bridge. If all of the above has been checked then maybe you should see your physician to rule out some other process in the head and neck.

Good luck.

Dr. T

PS: it looks like you may have some cavities in the lower teeth. Need to check bitewing X-rays to confirm.


Mauricio C. Tijerino, DMD
Miami Beach Dentist

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