Is It Possible to Remove Fat Rolls at the Back of the Head?

I have 2 fat rolls at the back of my head. currently my body weight is 92 kg's but my ideal weight should be 76kg's. how can i remove the fat rolls?

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Liposuction of neck hump

it is possible to liposuction the neck hump and the fat in the back of the neck. patients are usually very pleased with liposuction of the neck. you should know that swelling in this area lasts few months.

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Is It Possible to Remove Fat Rolls at the Back of the Head?

Fat rolls in the lower scalp and neck can at times bet treated with liposuction. In my experience that fat is quite dense and I always use ultrasonic assisted liposuction in order to be able to remove the fat more effectively.

Julio Garcia, MD
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Fat Rolls Behind Head?

Thank you for the question.

It would be in your best interest to achieve your long-term stable weight and evaluate the area at that point. It may be with the weight loss that no intervention is necessary. At that point, if you are still concerned about the area in person consultation with a well experienced plastic surgeon may be helpful.

Best wishes.

Fat rolls on the back of the head

Fat rolls on the back of the head?  Are you sure it is not jsut rolls of skin?  An exam would be helpful.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Head Rolls Not Improved By Liposuction

The fat rolls to which you refer to on the back of your head are not likely to be improved by liposuction. While there may be some fat component to them, much of them is composed of skin. While fat may be affecting the rest of your body, your excessive weight is not the cause of the rolls on the back or your head or neck. There is no known way to improve this problem.

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