Can You Remove Cut out About Ten Inches by 3 Inches of Tattoo on Top of Arm Wrist to Elbow?

I found a plastic surgeon who said he could excise the bulk of a pretty large tattoo from top of wrist to elbow.he drew a linear and said he would be able to do basically my whole 10 inches long by 3 inches wide.never mentioned a skin graft and would put me to skin is pretty laxity question is that actually seemed like a lot of skin to cut out in one session.he is a board certified plastic surgeon.only doctor I found to do tattoo is all black

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Absolutely no reason to cut out a tattoo of that size

Although your tattoo can be cut out, there is no good reason to do so and many good reasons not to.  The resulting scar after such a large excision, even in the most skilled surgeon's hands would be wide and very unattractive at best and could very likely end up a red thickened scar or even a keloid.  The orientation of the scar along the forearm runs against the natural resting skin tension lines (like against the grain in wood) and this puts tension in the wrong direction in a scar like this pulling it apart and forcing the body to react by adding more scar tissue.  If you had a cancer and needed the cut then you would deal with the result, but for a cosmetic removal, your best option is Laser removal.  The cost and overall downtime will be less as well as the avoidance of the anesthesia risks with being put to sleep.  Look for the newest Picosure Laser, it has been shown to break up black ink faster and more completely than any other laser on the market.  It is the newest technology available.  There are only 15 in the world right now, but I have one coming to my Phoenix office within weeks and the others are spread around the country. 

Please don't cut, I think you'll regret the scar way more than the tattoo...

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Excision of Large Tattoo..?

I would suggest you research other options such as laser assisted tattoo removal before doing undergoing such a drastic removal of tissue. Laser assisted tattoo removal is much less invasive and doesn’t really have any down time. In most cases the procedure itself can be pain free with the right pain management, of which certain practices will offer complimentary. My practice, Cape Fear Aesthetics offers local anesthetic complimentary for laser tattoo patients, so if you look into it, try looking for a practice that offers it as well. “Dr. D”

Edward E. Dickerson, IV, MD
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