Is it possible to remove a corneal scar with Laser Treatment instead of surgery?

i am 28 years old. i have a corneal scar on my left eye( two years ago ). i want to know that how to remove it. my scar is big. the doctors in my country ( myanmar ) said ' transplant the corneal '. i should do this ??? but i don't want to do. i can treat with laser treatment to remove this scar ?? pls reply me. thank you very much.

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Laser Treatment Scar Removal

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Superficial scars can be removed with laser but deeper scars may require partial or full thickness transplants. If you are uncomfortable with your doctors recommendations, the best way to be certain is to get a second opinion from a respected university-based cornea specialist.

San Diego Ophthalmologist

Remove scar with laser?

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Generally, THE ANSWER IS No. 

Although  the laser was approved by the FDA to remove scars, it is not an efficient treatment.
Scars are deep. If the scar could be removed with the laser, the cornea would become extremely distorted in shape so as to make vision very blurry. So the laser is not usually used for scars.

Certain scars that may follow PRK can be removed using an instrument called a burr, which has a rounded tip that can be applied to the scar, scraping off the scar. It is only useful for a superficial scar and again is likely to blur vision. 

Lamellar or full thickness corneal transplant is the most useful surgery for corneal scar. 

Joseph Dello Russo, MD
New York Ophthalmologist

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