Recovery Time for Pearl Laser?

I had this treatment a week ago, and although I am back at work, and wearing make-up, I'm still very red. My skin is not irritated or broken-out, just red. Can anyone tell me how long this should persist? How long is the TOTAL recovery time for the Pearl Fractional Laser?

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Redness after Pearl

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While the peeling is normally completed within a week after the Pearl laser treatment, redness can persist longer. Usually redness can last up to several weeks depending on the intensity of the treatment.

It is important to wear sunscreen and continually protect your skin from sun exposure. Also, avoid using irritating substances on your face which may contribute to redness. Using non-medicated and gentle facial cleansers and moisturizers can reduce redness and irritation.

Always consult with your provider if it persists or worsens.

Pinkness after Pearl Fractional

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It's not unusual to be pink/red for a number of weeks after Pearl Fractional.  The level and longevity of the pinkness depends on your skin type and coloration to begin with and also how intense your level of treatment.  After 4-6 weeks if there is still some residual redness we will consider an IPL/Limelight treatment to help speed up the process (especially if patients have pinker undertones to begin with or tendencies toward rosacea)  Be careful not to where makeup with perfumes or scents, as they can be irritating to the fresh new skin.  Many of the mineral based powders and foundations can actually help your healing. You can try some mild Hydrocortisone cream (1%) as well.  Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen and reapply during the day.  Even if it's in your makeup, it won't last all day.   

Enjoy your beautiful new skin.

Dr. Grant Stevens            

Grant Stevens, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Fractional Erbium can cause persistent redness

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Any fractional ablative laser can take several weeks for the redness to resolve. The skin surface should be healed by 7 days, so concealer can be worn. Patients with rosacea may have redness that lasts for months. If you have a darker skin tone, persistent redness can cause hyperpigmentation, so be sure the dermatologist who cares for your skin gives you treatment to reduce the inflammation. Be sure you are on sunscreens!

Mary P. Lupo, MD
New Orleans Dermatologist
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