Is It Possible to Recover at Home Alone After the 2nd Day of BA Surgery?

I'm having a breast augmentation surgery under the muscle. My boyfriend is going to pick me up from the clinic and we are staying in a hotel the first night and probably all of the 2nd day. But that's it, from then, the 2nd night and the following days I will be by myself. He will just take me to post op appointments. Will I be able to do basic things like getting out of bed, changing clothes (wearing zipped sweaters and buttoned shirts), going to the bathroom, all by myself after that time?

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Recovery after Breast Augmentation

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Thank you for the question.
Every patient has a different experience after breast augmentation recovery.  In my opinion, it is best to be prepared for the worst case scenario;  therefore, I think it would be in your best interest to have additional help for another few days after surgery. The first  2 to 4 days are when patients need the most help with the activities you described. I would recruit friends and/or family to help you if at all possible.
There is no reason,  after undergoing elective surgery,  that you should not have the most comfortable recovery experience possible.
Best wishes.

Breast augmentation recovery

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Assuming all is going well and that you are well stocked ahead with food and provisions and that you are not going to overdo, it would usually be fine to be alone on the second day after a BA.

Breast augmentation recovery

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Every patients recovery is different but at least in my practice the overwhelming majority of patients would be fine by themselves on the 2nd day after surgery.  A lot of my patients have resumed a desk job after the 3rd day.  But having said this there is always the exceptional patient that has trouble taking care of themselves even 3-4 days after surgery.  Therefore you might want to at least think of a back up plan just in case.


Gary Hall, MD

Gary Hall, MD (retired)
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon

Breast Augmentation recovery

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Typically after breast augmentation, as long as you do not experience any complications, you should be fine to be by yourself the second post operative day.  Good luck to you!

Recover at Home Alone After 2nd day of Breast Augmentation Surgery

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All patients are different. We ask that patients have someone with them for the first 24 hours after surgery as a precaution. For the most part, you should be fine to recover at home on your 2nd of surgery, but it is always nice to have help and assitance if needed for the first 2-3 days if possible.

Aftercare and recovery from breast augmentation

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As long as you are in excellent health and not a high risk for surgery, you should be able to do most basic things after breast augmentation by the second day. It will also depend on your pain tolerance. Some do better than others.

It is important that someone stay with you the first night. You will be able to walk around, get up and down, carry a plate of food to the couch and in general, take it easy.

I recommend that you get loose fitting close that are easy to zip on and off.

Just in case, I would have a backup plan in case you need further help.

Do not attempt to drive a car while you are in pain or while you are taking pain medication.

Assistance after breast augmentation

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With good preparation pre-operatively, you should be able to go to the bathroom and perform daily activities unassisted on the second day. Remember, you will more than likely require pain medication for several days.
It would be is a best to have someone with you, at the very least, someone you can call in case you need assistance.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

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I would strongly advise you to have someone stay with you the first night mainly to make sure you recover from the effects of anesthesia and surgery.  Patients are often woozy and have balance issues and you wouldn't want to fall and hit your head getting up to go to the bathroom.  Most patients are sore, but able to care for themselves after the first night.  Do not drive or operate any complicated machinery while you are on narcotic pain medication.

Breast Augmentation Post-Op Recovery

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The first 24 hours is the most important time to have supervision. You may be woosy and need assistance going to the bathroom, having someone prepare your meals and make sure you take your medications on schedule. Having your boyfriend with you is good. After that you should be fine, you will probably be sore but able to take care of yourself.Do not drive a car though if you are taking pain medication. Good luck.

Post-op recovery for breast augmentation

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By day two after a breast augmentation, most patients are able to function by themselves. If you are still taking pain medication, you should not drive, however.

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