Should I look into reconstructive surgery for orbital asymmetry? I believe fillers will only subtly hide the asymmetry. (photo)

Anatomically, my eye rests lower than the other. Likewise, the papilla, or more prominent, the entire lid rests lower. My eyes were really sharp and alert when I was a kid. I have recently developed a very "lazy-type" look. I'm only 18, so my age shouldn't be defying me with cosmetic eyelid problems...

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Lazy eye look at 18

  1. Your photograph suggests that mild levator palpebrae ptosis  - drooping of the upper lids from stretching of the muscle that lifts the lids.
  2. Causes? Genetics, severe swelling, blunt injury, medications.
  3. The asymmetry in your eyes is real but subtle. No one has perfectly symmetric eyes.
  4. See a Board Certified Plastic or Oculoplastic Surgeon familiar with this condition for evaluation , measurements and correction - assuming my diagnosis is correct.
  5. Surgery opens the eyes again, correcting the downward drift.

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