My Eye is Higher After my Orbital Floor Blowout Surgery. Will It Settle Back into Alignment with my Other Eye?

Exactly 2 weeks ago was my surgery to repair my orbital floor blowout fracture in my right eye. My eye immediately after surgery was pushed up very high due to swelling. It has come back down a lot but is still noticeably higher than my unaffected eye. I still do have some puffiness around my lower lid, so could my eye still be propped up from the swelling? I keep telling myself to be patient. My 3 week follow up with the surgeon is around the corner, but I thought i'd still ask here. Thanks

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Eye asymmetry following orbital floor repair

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Thank you for your question and I hope recovery is going well.

It is not uncommon for the affected eye to appear more prominent and higher than the other eye following treatment for an orbital blow-out fracture. This is due to swelling and bruising in the area and may take a few months to settle. If there are doubts, a CT will confirm that the plate is sitting in the right position.

I hope this helps.

Eye position after blow out surgery

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When an orbital floor fracture is fixed, generally a plate is placed beneath the eye. This adds volume to the socket and can push the eye upward. Add swelling to this and the eye can move up substantially. The socket needs 6-8 weeks to completely heal before any judgment can be made about eye position. If it remains high, the plate could be removed or repositioned.

Matheson A. Harris, MD
Salt Lake City Oculoplastic Surgeon
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