Recently has a Coolsculpting procedure- was it done properly?

I have seen in other patients' pictures that after the freezing handle was removed, the skin retains the shape of the suction device and has been described as similar to "frozen chicken". Others have also described feelings of numbness that have taken weeks to go away. I did not experience any of this, my skin retained its original shape, felt the same, and the numbness subsided in 5-10 minutes. Was my procedure done right? Do I just have a resilient body or something? Thank you in advance.

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Post Coolsculpting

Patients respond differently post treatment with some patients having no side effects post treatment. since it has been 3 months since your post, you should be able to assess the results. Please update us on your progress.

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Coolsculpting procedure

Coolsculpting is a great cosmetic procedure.  It only takes an hour to effectively reduce the fat in a given area.  After the applicator is removed, the skin will look "frozen" like a stick of butter and we then massage the treated area for several minutes.  If you did not have the skin "frozen" with the shape of the suction/applicator I am not sure if you really had coolsculpting or the procedure done properly.  For the best results please consult a board certified physician with experience with coolsculpting and the new applicators.

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CoolSculpting must be done correctly to work!

I do find it unusual that you did not experience the "frozen" appearance of the skin/fat layer that resembles the applicator shape.  I would check with the provider, it is possible that they massaged the area quickly after removing the applicator which may have hidden the odd appearance.  If there truly was no freezing then there will be no fat reduction.  As for numbness, that is highly variable and may not be an indicator or treatment or result.  Some experience little or no numbness while others experience an altered sensation for a few weeks.

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Recently had CoolSculpting procedure was it done properly

When CoolSculpting is done it uses a vacuum force to draw the tissue into the applicator creating suction to the body, if there was no suction or a loose hook up the CoolSculpting sytem would not initiate the cooling process. When choosing the correct candidate we want to make sure that the fat can be pinched and not too fibrous. You may have not had the 'butter stick " look because the skin was too fibrous, it was the wrong applicator, or its a more visceral fat or the new non- vacuum Cool Smooth applicator was used. As far as numbness goes, every patient is different. Some experience all of the immediate or post side effects and others do not. I would give it time and observe the results around the 6-9 week mark where optimal results should happen and go from there. Good luck!

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If there was no "butter stick" appearance to the skin after Coolsculpting, then it may not have been done properly

The only reason you shouldn't have this is if the new Coolsmooth handpiece was used, because this lies flat without a suction.  If this was not the case, then what happened is the skin was too taught to be sucked into the cup and it wasn't a proper treatment.  Ask your provider about this.  My blog explains more.  Steve Weiner, MD, Facial Plastic Surgeon, Destin, Florida.

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Cool Sculpting

If you did not see the butter "stick" once the applicator was removed then I am questioning what you had done.  You should of had massage after this.  The skin would still be cool and pink.  How the skin feels after each week is different for each person.

Coolsculpting result

Congratulations on an excellent result. The same exact result can not be achieved in every Coolsculpting patient, but yours is optimal. The post treatment numbness is experienced by some patients but is usually limited to one to two days and the tendency for the treated area to remain in the shape of the device is only for a very short post treatment period.

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Coolsculpting procedure

Coolsculpting is a procedure that requires proper evaluation, and proper placement of the device in order to get the most effective treatment. Seeing someone like a board certified dermatologist, the specialty that invented coolsculpting, can help evaluate and make sure you are a good candidate and also try to optimize your results. Many places are not adept at properly selecting patients that are good candidates and that can lead to a less than ideal result for the patients. In my office, I personally evaluate every Coolsculpting patient and I also place the treatment applicator on personally. 

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