I Read About the Nerve Damage That Could Happen After Lipo, Could It Be That Severe? Is It Reversible? How Long Does It Last?

I'm a 29 yo F. Smart lipo done on my back early June. My back was blue and it was sore until end of July. When I finally got sensation back I started having electric shock feeling all over my back at the first signs of breaking a sweat. Those episodes would last up to about 20 minutes. Benedryll, aloe vera, witch hazel, aveeno anti itch, cortisteroid creams, never helped. The only thing that helps is taking an ice cold shower. I self medicated with Neurotine and it calms me down within 4 minutes

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No damage after Smartlipo

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Smartlipo will not damage any nerves; if anything you will feel slight numbing sensation. This feeling will eventually go away within the next few weeks; give yourself time to fully heal.

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