Reaction to the Levulan Treatment for DSAP on Arms

I had a Levulan treatment for Disseminated Superficial Actinic Porokeratosis (DSAP) on both my arms, and there was no reaction at all - not on the lesions, and not on any other part of my arms. Do you think that the treatment was done correctly? When I asked that question, no one at the Dr.'s office would answer me. If it will work done correctly, I would like to try it again. If not, then there is no point. Thanks.

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Levulan photodynamic therapy for DSAP

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If you had no reaction to the initial PDT treatment, the Levulan may need to be left on the skin longer. Other topical medications can also be helpful for DSAP. Also, since DSAP is induced by sun damage, be sure to protect your skin from the sun every day.

San Antonio Dermatologist

Fort Lauderdale Photodynamic Therapy

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Your incubation time was likely too short. Most recently in our medical journals a protocol was released. The recommendations are now available.

Will Richardson, MD
Fort Lauderdale Dermatologic Surgeon

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