Will taking prednisone affect cool sculpting?

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Prednisone with Coolsculpting

I have no hard evidence that prednisone affects Coolsculpting, but I would say that it probably does. Steroids may protect fat cells that otherwise would have been killed. It also prevents the inflammatory response which carries out the removal of the dead fat cells. My vote is that Coolsculpting results are negatively affected by steroids.

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CoolSculpting and Prednisone

Thanks for your question.With regard to prednisone affecting your CoolSculpting results that really depends on how often you take the medication.Taking Prednisone may affect the way your body eliminates fat during CoolSculpting process, but there is not an absolute statement.I would recommend discussing this with your surgeon and your prescribing doctor as well.I hope this is helpful.

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Will taking prednisone affect cool sculpting?

Thank you for your question. Prednisone is not a contraindication, however, I would speak to your provider about it first. 


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Prednisone and Coolsculpting

The question is why you are prednisone.  Prednisone itself is not a contraindication for coolsculpting but it is unclear to me what underlying condition you are being treating for.  Perhaps you can post the entire question. Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
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